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As a life-long creative, every product starts with a design from Shelby herself. Homestead By Hand's goal is to provide unique, one-of-a-kind products that customers can be proud to have in their home or gift to others. All designs are first sketched or built out digitally and then coded as needed before production begins.

About Our Leather


All wood is hand selected to ensure the proper balance of character and quality is found. Lumber is sourced from local family-owned lumber yards in North Carolina and Texas. 


Shelby grew up on a small farm in small town Texas, learning to work with her hands from a young age and eventually learning to build with those hands at the age of 20 when her grandparents asked her (and her cousins) to build their log cabin. Fast forward a decade later and the level of craftsmanship has grown to what our customers see today. Handcrafted, quality wood furnishings and gifts that tell a story through their character and design.

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